• Pick The Right Diet Plan For Your Personality

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    According to Today's show, every personality must have a plan for their diet. Personality plays a vital roll in our diet as well, if we're emotional we tend to eat so much. We do not care what it might bring to our body. So pick the right diet plan for your personality.

    When it comes to losing weight, it’s clear that “one size does not fit all.” And while it’s always tough to drop those pounds, choosing the right eating plan for your personality can help keep you on track for the long run. It’s all about choosing a diet plan based on the kind of eater you are.

    If you’re not sure of your diet type,  take our eating personality quiz to find your closest match.

    Junk Food Eater: You’re someone who craves anything salty, crunchy, or sweet and struggle to control snacks and desserts. Consider a comprehensive plan like Weight Watchers, where no foods are off limits, and you’ll learn to incorporate your “treat” foods into a healthy eating plan. Or, make your own healthy food swaps for the junk. Try air-popped popcorn or a handful of nuts for that salty crunch. Grab a fresh fruit for a sweet tooth, or a couple of dried …



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