• The real Culprit of Addiction?

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    chained-drug-addictionIt is both emotionally and mentally painful when you reach a point in your life where you lose control over yourself, it is in addiction that you find yourself incarcerated on walls you can’t see. Addictions as a matter of fact, is not only limited to the physical things we see or consume, like alcohol, drugs and food. This may include almost anything, they are pretty much created in your mind and translate them into actions like gambling or any other vices that is not driven by any substance. Addiction may also occur on one’s behavior.
    It is true that we limit addiction in the past as a result of psychoactive substances that disrupt blood-brain barrier, harmfully changing the chemical balance in the brain, the most know culprits are alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful drugs. A long line of debates and arguments among a considerable number of psychologists, other health care professionals have insist that addiction is a psychological dependency, such as these addictive habits like; sex, gambling, internet, and a lot more. They believe that these activities should also be considered as addictions. When a person is addicted to something they lose control over themselves, and become dependent on it even to the point of self-destruction.
    There is however a new way to offer a different prospective about how we look at addiction.

    Is addiction entirely due to genetic predisposition?
    That's non-sense, according to Dr. Gabor Mate who wrote In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection, and Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It.
    So, does addiction stem from childhood trauma? That's what show host Steve Paikin of The Agenda starts a dialog about. In this segment, he plays a friendly devil's advocate to stir up answers and you can see the easygoing Dr. Mate come alive to make his case.
    Dr. Mate also talks about the origin of manipulation tactics used by the addict – the discussion might surprise you.
    And now for the painful question Dr. Mate grapples with – are we in North America an addict society, even without the evidence of typical addictive substances?
    It should be noted that there are a lot of holistic approaches to both addiction and …

    Why is it so important to know the root cause of addiction? For one, it is because it will lead you to destroying your own life. You will lose your sense of being and eventually kill you if it is not regulated.

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