• Nightly Exercise; is it appropriate?

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    Nightly Exercise is it appropriateExercise freaks are downright devoted to have their body sweating bullets on a daily basis, but this practice could be disrupted because of commitments to some other things, well, things that are needed –more like; much important that you’re your running shoe, your sweaty short pants. This could be your family, your girlfriend, or your job! How do you squeeze up your time just to have a personal session with your dumbbells, or how do you make up stories to your girlfriend about skipping your dinner date just so you could juggle your time between things you don’t want to lose. It’s really hard to arrange your time when you don’t have a time at all! Funny may it sound but that is the truth, good for some people they could jumpstart their day with an early exercise, but it always depend on a person’s availability. That is why others have decided to do it at night, however, working out at night has raised a debate linking it to insomnia.

    The argument was, whenever a muscle is not relax, our whole body goes with it, and you mind would also workout and end up not being able to sleep at night. This arguments is not scientifically proven. There are people also that prefer to exercise at night at yet no problem were reported about them not being able to sleep, some even claim that they sleep better after they exercise.

    Some People Report Exercise at Night Helps Them Sleep Better

    One of the benefits of exercise overall is improved sleep quality, but it's typically recommended that you not exercise within three hours of bedtime so you have adequate time to wind down.

    A study published in 2011, however, found that when people exercised vigorously for 35 minutes right before bed they slept just as well as on nights when they didn't exercise.1 Another study, a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, found that 83 percent of people said they slept better when they exercised (even late at night) than when they did not.2

    More than half of those who exercised moderately or vigorously said they slept better on workout days than non-workout days, and just three percent of late-day exercises said their sleep quality was worse when they exercised than when they did not. The National Sleep Foundation concluded that exercise is good …

    Finding the right time when to exercise is not really about “whenever time you are comfortable to work out” because working out in the first place is not comfortable, it requires discipline and commitment.

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