• Weight Loss: New Nordic Diet Is A Winner

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    Forget Paleo and ditch Atkins – the latest diet claiming to help you lose weight is the Nordic diet. Scientists at Copenhagen University developed the diet taking inspiration from local award-winning restaurant Noma, which encourages visitors to only eat seasonal, local foods and salad which has been foraged for. The experts claim the diet can help you lose three times as much weight as you would on an “average diet' and also reduces the chance of heart attacks and strokes.

    Reporting their findings at a recent meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, in Barcelona, Spain, Prof Thomas Meinert Larsen and colleagues explain, that the much celebrated Mediterranean diet can be difficult for people in the Northern Hemisphere to follow because the fresh seasonal ingredients are not always available.

    Thus they worked with chefs from the acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant Noma (now designated the best restaurant in the world), to devise a test menu that reflected what is known as the New Nordic diet – one based on seasonal and fresh foods.

    The diet comprises 15 food groups: fruit and vegetables (especially berries, cabbages, root vegetables and legumes), potatoes, fresh herbs, plants and mushrooms gathered from the wild, nuts, whole grains, meats from livestock and game, fish, shellfish and seaweed.

    Three times the weight loss

    In the study 181 men and women with central obesity (defined as waist circumferences >94 cm for men …

    The emphasis is on fresh vegetables and fruit, foraged herbs – even dandelions – from the wild, lots of fish, less meat and more game.

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