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    McDonald's franchise owners are mobilizing against corporate. The franchisees, who operate 90% of McDonald's restaurants, say the company is charging too much for rent, remodeling, and fees for training, reports Leslie Patton at Bloomberg News. A franchise owner told Patton that running a McDonald's “is not as profitable business as it used to be.” Franchisees have reportedly been holding rogue meetings to discuss ways to get the company to bring costs down.

    McDonalds is one of the largest fast food franchises in the world, the average distance from any one point (in the US) being about 115 miles away. While the price tag on any menu option or meal is relatively cheap, its food has lately become recognized as less-than-optimal for many reasons.

    Being high in trans and saturated fats, toxic chemicals (such as putty and cosmetic petrochemicals), and low quality animal products, most fast food meals contribute to an increase in ‘bad’ cholesterol, a raised Diabetes risk, lowered immunity, and damaged DNA. And for both client and corporation, the low costs are not what they seem.

    A leaked sheet displaying the true food costs of McDonald’s meal may add to the discussion for others to deeply consider just what they are consuming and how much their health is worth.

    While it is normal for a company to seek profit, the list is …

    What most do not realize is that the low cost of a cheeseburger is only one reason the packaged meals are so appealing. Franken-foods born of genetically modified sources, refined sugars, hormones, and preservatives wreak havoc physiologically in the body.

    An addictive cycle is born from consuming the readily available foods, and it’s one that will have disastrous effect in the future.

    Studies report that from a basic economic perspective, little to no money is saved when it comes to long-term health costs. In fact, True Activist has previously covered how it is possible to break this cycle and eat healthily for only about $1 more per day.

    Raising awareness of just how lacking processed foods are is one option, sharing this post is another. Being the change in the end is always the best way to positively influence others and contribute to a world vision where only healthy, life-promoting foods are available.

    In the old days it used to be much worse. You had to stuff the bin with food any time business picked up so it was ready before anyone ordered. You'd ask for six Big Macs and ten minutes later have to throw them away if nobody ordered them.

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