• Changing and Challenging American Food Culture

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    Challenge to a healthier you or remain a passive personality that you are living your life a healthier way. Bend the american food culture to a healthier way.

    A bold new initiative examines the future of food and the challenges facing our country in terms of health, health care, the environment and our food systems.

    Does it matter that nobody seems to know how to cook anymore? Can anything be done about the dangers of industrial farming? How should we respond to the possibility that, largely because of chronic health issues caused by junk food, America’s young people might not outlive their parents?

    That’s just a short list of the serious challenges created by the way we eat today. While fitness professionals are committed to—even obsessed with—fighting obesity and encouraging people to eat healthfully, is that commitment enough to surmount these problems? Or are they simply too big to address?

    Decisively not, judging from the brainpower gathered at the inaugural 2013 Menus of Change™ National Leadership Summit, where experts representing every link in America’s food chain assembled for an exercise in …



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