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    Weeds can be very helpful to you for everyday used, may it be from the dish you are cooking for dinner and serve them as toppings, or mixed it with your salad to add a strong flavor and most of all it serves as medicines to several illnesses or diseases and even wounds. There are various ways in which these helpful leaves found in your garden can be used for medicinal purposes. Some of them, for are edible (these are herbs mixed in food. Weeds also provide shelter for the most insects that lives and move on the ground,theDandelions, for instance, have roots that extend deep into the subsoil and provides mineral nutrients for use by the higher plants nearby.

    Weeds have a high content of minerals. Their usage does not only limit their superior healing traits and nutritional elements but also -their existence is to help correct various soil imbalances. Other weeds condition the soil by extending tendrils and filaments to provide good shades moisture.They helped maintain the balance of ecosystem. Their class also help protect and create healthy soil by producing good compost material and prevent soil erosion.

    For thousands of years, man has looked to nature to cure disease. In the last decade particularly, medicinal plants have been catapulted into mainstream culture, with the popularity of plant medicines such as ayahuasca, ibogaine and cannabis making headlines for their powerful healing abilities against some of today’s most prominent illnesses. However, these plant medicines come with illicit conditions in most countries.

    The good news is, some of the most common weeds in our backyard yield amazing healing abilities, and they are all legal! Here are ten weeds which possess interesting medicinal properties. (Note: Consult with your doctor before self-medicating with these plants)

    Despite the positive reviews weed received from researchers about their healing traits on human, weeds are being challenge because of how it was first know to us, before they are labeled as harmful.

    There are however plants listed under the Weed Control Act, this because of the other weeds that are very aggressive and dominant and harmful. Like the Giant hogweed for example, Giant hogweed stem hairs and leaves contain a toxic sap when in contact with human skin, it can also cause burns, blisters and scarring. Anyone who deals with this weeds should have protective gears, water-resistant gloves while handling the plants. Eye protection is also needed.

    On the positive side weeds are now labeled as “Medicinal” dandelion for instance was greatly misunderstood and considered nothing more than a nuisance weed that often destroy the views of your beautiful garden. It is most often danged as a weed and uprooted. Is dandelion really just a weed?

    Clinical studies have shown that dandelion is a good source of pectin which is very vital for blood and gastrointestinal detoxification (Cleanising). Pectin is prescribed regularly to remove metal and radioactive elements found in the body tissues and can also reduce cholesterol.

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