• What else is in your Medical Kit?

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    2-first-aid-kit-box-renjith-krishnan-300x225A great number of people today, don’t care much about being prepared, there are possibly hundreds of reason why you should be and that being prepared is having the things you need the most, I mean we don’t really know when are you going to need them but you have to be prepared for something that might caught you off guard. First Aid Kits are one of those important items that people often taken for granted. In fact, when you think about survival, the things that you’ll think about is Food and Water, possibly guns and cutting tools and lighters. First aid kits don’t seem to get the same attention as the items stated above. But when you come to think about it, a medical kit is something you would probably realize later to be very useful than any other item in your survival bag.
    Your first aid kit should be well organized, easy to locate and properly stocked in an accessible area and should be available all the time. It’s also ideal to provide a medical kit, in your workplace area and at your home. You also need to check your medical kits on a regular basis, at least every month, this is to instill an awareness in a person’s mind, so that he can familiarize everything inside the kit including the area where he/she had put it. if you are into this practice, you would probably know the things that you need to have in your kit, in fact it’s a basic knowledge. However it is also important to know the things that are useful yet that you don’t think should be included in it.
    The following are just few of the important items you wouldn’t think you’d include in you kit:

    Sanitary pads make really good pressure dressings. Put over the wound and tape tightly down covering the whole pad with tape, extend the tape a good distance from all edges of the pad to make sure the pressure is maintained.
    Applicator tampons are good for plugging penetrating wounds. They should be removed carefully to avoid dislodging clots that have formed in the wound.

    Tea leaves contain tannin which has anti-inflammatory and vaso-constrictor properties. To wash out an eye make as you would tea, leave to cool and lean forward so the liquid in the container reaches the eye and open and close the eye whilst in the liquid. The tea bag can be placed on the eye afterwards, to reduce any swelling and irritation.
    Tannin is a vasoconstrictor, it causes blood vessels to contract and therefore slows blood loss. It would be no use …

    Those items above are rather unique to be included in your kit, and you might find them funny but they have a considerably great use as explain above.
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