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    addtabz-weight-lossIf you subscribe to a phrase that says “You are what you eat” you would probably have an idea on how it is to eat good and delicious food with a voice inside your head saying; you’re going to get fatter in the morning. Funny this may seem but sure most of us can relate to this. We have this certain awareness inside of us that helps us remind not to eat too much on anything that will make us big. The problem with us is that we don’t necessarily know what to eat in order to stay fit or lose weight. This is where we are often left out in the dark and end up doing it our ways, which most of the time we fail over and over again with our diet.
    One of the best thing in life is food! And I can say that to anyone I know in full conviction. We have been blessed enough to be able to eat pretty much anything, that is why here in the US, people are turning “Obese” because we have too much access on food. The challenge now is that how are we going to choose healthy food so that we can stick on our diet program. There are a good number of food out there that could help you on your journey of becoming fit. The key factor for this issue is to eat the right food, not all healthy food are right food.

    While some people think they need to take the latest potion or pill, or follow the newest fad diet gimmick to lose and control their weight, the fact remains that food can be an important trigger in weight control. In fact, there are a few important foods (and at least one drink) that you can have every day as your own diet “miracle.” These four are just the beginning;
    1. Oatmeal
    Oatmeal, whether it is steel cut oats or quick oats, can help you control your weight through several different mechanisms. Oatmeal is considered a whole grain and contains a high concentration of soluble fiber. This fiber combines with the water in your digestive tract and keeps you feeling full, preventing you from continuously snacking. Oatmeal also helps to regulate your blood sugar, keeping it low and preventing excessive fat gain. The consumption of oatmeal may also speed up fat loss by …

    Eating the right food requires us to have a disciplined body, not all food is serve to you in a silver platter and give you the things you need just like that, and sometimes you have to know the food you are eating so that you can use it fully to your advantage.

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