• Best Fitness Goals For 2014

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    Fitness is about improving muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory strength and endurance, and flexibility through regular physical activity. That even includes things like walking the dog, raking leaves, or playing tag with the kids. Fueling your body with the right foods is also a must.

    Make this your go-for-it year

    This year, set a fitness goal that'll challenge your body, stir your soul, and activate your sense of adventure. To get started, ask yourself: What can I do to utterly amaze myself? And then consider the following awe-inspiring ideas.

    Step outside your comfort zone

    Silence your inner naysayer and take on that challenge you've always wanted to try. Windsurfing? Hiking the red trail? Your bravery will reward you.

    The payoff
    Body: Greater confidence makes you more likely to try other activities and get in better shape.
    Mind: Breaking through the fear barrier builds grit, so when life gets tough, you have the strength you'll need to take it on.
    Soul: You'll feel more alive, energized, and joyful than you have in ages.

    Put it into action
    1. Pick a goal. Think of something that you've always wanted to try or loved as a kid but haven't done since.
    2. Then let go of what others think; they'll likely admire you …




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