• Ways Your Kitchen Is Making You Fat

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    From cake pop- and pie-makers to waffle irons and pizza ovens, the range of cute food appliances on the market is enough to make you drool. But while they may look fantastic on the kitchen bench, these gadgets could be sabotaging your plans for healthy eating.

    The Cookie Jar Is on the Countertop

    Leaving a container loaded with treats in plain sight provides unrestricted access to what should remain an occasional indulgence. Clear containers tempt a sweet tooth even more.

    Instead: Replace the jar of sugary goodies with a bowl of whole fruits such as apples, oranges, or bananas to encourage healthier snacking. Keep junk food out of sight and in a hard-to-reach location to dissuade unhealthy munching, says Cassetty.

    You Pack Snacks in Sandwich-Size Baggies

    Large plastic baggies are helpful when packing a sandwich for lunch, but they aren’t doing your waistline any favors when it comes to snacks. “Filling a sandwich bag with nuts might mean noshing on a whopping 1,000 calories!” Cassetty warns.

    Instead: Stock your pantry with snack-size bags for portioning an appropriate amount of on-the-go goodies. For nuts, an 125-calorie diet-friendly portion equals 18 almonds, 20 peanuts, or 30 pistachios.

    Your Plates & Glasses Are Too Large

    Larger platter sizes …

    Open shelving and glass-fronted kitchen cabinets aren't your friend if you're watching your weight as they allow you to see what's inside all too easily. Use open shelves to store plates or healthy cookbooks, or opt for antique glass to obscure what's inside a cabinet. And put healthy snacks such as pre-cut veg and yoghurts within easy reach in the fridge, Fuller says. “What you see at eye-level in the fridge also plays a big part in what you snack on.”



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