• Vitamin A Derivative Could Cure Type 2 Diabetes

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    diabetesType 2 diabetes is the most frequent kind of diabetes, it affects 85-90% of all people that have diabetes. Without any specific age, diabetes affects those folks who are already aging, adults, younger people, and even children. In this type of diabetes the pancreas will barely produces insulin which will not be adequate to needs of your body and will not work appropriately. A composite of genetic and an environmental factors have cause the illness to form.
    Despite the fact that there is a strong genetic influence to this, the risk is present and increasing if you are associated with some health factors such as insufficient exercise, high blood pressure, obesity, and unhealthy diet.
    This type of diabetes can be managed and regulate with proper diet and regular exercise. There are cases however in which some of the diabetic people, must resort to medicine and insulin. One should also know that this disease will come in progress and can complicate if it’s not properly taken cared off, it is always wise to take your intended medicines or insulin as soon as they are needed this would can the complication. On a recent study, it appears like Vitamin A Derivative could actually treat type 2 diabetes.

    “In obese and insulin resistant mice, retinoic acid reduces the risk of cardiac apoptosis, stimulates the expression of cardio-protective genes reduced by the disease, and protects against the accumulation of collagen in the cardiac muscle, thus avoiding the occurrence of fibrosis and possible associated future complications,” says the first author of the study, Daniel-Constantin Manolescu. Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death. The discovery follows other research conducted by his team on the effects of RA on insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity. “Blood glucose, insulin resistance, body weight, and adipocyte size were significantly decreased in treated animals, including abdominal fat, while dietary intake and physical activity were similar for treated or non-treated animals. This suggests an increase in basal energy expenditure,” says Manolescu.
    White fat is an energy reserve formed by the accumulation of fat in the form of triglycerides to meet unexpected increases in energy costs, but it is …

    Although diabetes has no cure, it can be regulated and overcome, one must watch his/her diet and should be physically active through regular exercise.

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