• The Government’s half-hearted support on Raw Milk

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    The Government’s half-hearted support on Raw MilkRaw milk is somewhat organic milk that has never been process and serve fresh to the community. However, debates are still going on about the safety of those who drink it on a daily basis. Raw milk debate is getting quite attention on media now a days. Most raw milk advocates are emphasizing mostly on unproven health benefits, while others argue about its taste, to be the reason its hostility for human consumption. Despite warnings from the Food and Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control about the risks that a person could get from different bacteria that raw milk is abundant with.

    This is what happened when a certain product or food has not undergone thorough investigation regarding their chemical components or nutritious facts, there are a lot of factors to be consider on this one, since we always assumed that organic food is always healthy and good for human consumption, this idea might be limited depending on what kind of food we are talking about. Cow milk was processed for cow, suited for cow and a milk drink by cows.

    The raw milk debate has gotten a lot of media attention recently, thanks to a newly released 13-year study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a raw milk–related outbreak in Pennsylvania and an increasingly loud group of consumers who aren't down with a little process called pasteurization.

    The legality of selling raw or unpasteurized milk varies from state to state, leading to some Prohibition-esque raw milk sales in states where it’s illegal (yes, there's an underground raw milk trade). Advocates eschew the heating process known as pasteurization, which reduces harmful pathogens and helps delay spoilage, and homogenization, which breaks up fat to create an even-textured liquid.

    While most raw milk advocates cite mostly unproven health benefits, others argue that the taste is the main draw. Despite warnings from the Food and Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control about the bacterial risks that raw milk poses, there is a …

    We should invest more on finding out the content of the product that we consumed, including milk. Raw or processed milk should not be misunderstood by people; raw milk, which represent organic choice hasn’t submitted a solid evidence to prove that there are benefits that we can actually get from cow milk. However those who contradict the idea also has reasons for doing it.

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