• Every Prepper Should Make In 2014: 10 New Year’s Resolutions

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    Most preppers and survivalists are probably looking into making some 2014 resolutions right now. They probably include ideas for storing more water, food, fuel, financial resources, and putting the finishing touches on a survival plan.  Others may be getting into prepping as a new years resolution and are starting the prepping process.  I think that all preppers need to pull back a little and make some old school type New Years Resolutions.

    Every year, people make a series of New Year’s Resolutions that are usually forgotten by the time you flip the page of the calendar over to February. This list starts with some of the standard resolutions that everyone makes that are particularly pertinent to preppers, and then contains some that are unique to this community.

    1.) Get in shape.

    Some of us may already be in the best shape of our lives, spending our free time running marathons on the weekends that we don’t dog sled race or mountain climb. For the rest of us, though, there could be room for improvement. Think about the tasks that are pertinent to a survival situation and train for them as though they are your sport and you want to make the Olympic Prepping Team. Walk, run, lift weights – just move your body and improve your physical fitness. Whatever your starting point, set small …

    The purpose of this post is not to bring up the moral or religions reasons for removing addictions, but to bring up the fact that a prepper with an addiction needs to take that into account and have supplies to continue the addiction, and remedies to deal with the withdrawal effects of the addiction when those supplies run out or are unavailable.One of the starting steps is to public announce you are going to get rid of the addiction. Feel free to do that below by leaving a comment.If you already have your addictions under control (I think all of us have some type of addiction), what are some of the other resolutions you are going to make as a prepper this year. How are you going to make yourself more prepared for man-man or natural disasters and more self-sustaining?

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