• The Challenge To Bring Back Minerals In The Soil And Food

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    The Challenge To Bring Back Minerals In The Soil And FoodNow that we are actually infested with toxic food around, GMO products, genetically engineered crops and all the crazy things you heard over the news about how people live an artificial diet. Additional to that -is the types of diseases that are associated with those who have eaten GMO products. These and all are signs of illness in our society –the meltdown of sound health and organic living. We so abused our ability to cultivate a plant, our ambition have made us a fanatic of chemically driven product.

    The challenge that is imposed to us now is -howare we going to reverse these dreadful outburst? How are we going to put back natural minerals in our soil and be use buy the crops we plant in the field? This is alarming because there are numbers of chemical sprayed on crops that potentially dried up the minerals of the soil. Which means, without the presence of minerals in our soil, our plants will not likely survived. The cycle of ecosystem is damage.

    How are we going to prevent this? While GMO products are insistently undermining our fields -our neighborhood is slowly dying when they buy the products that are offered to them. We should not let GMO crops occupy the whole land and contaminate everything with the chemicals they brought to spoil the soil.

    How Chemical Farming Destroys Food Quality

    The following chart shows the rapidly decreasing amounts of minerals in food, initially coinciding with the introduction of mechanized farming in 1925. This began depleting minerals faster than the microorganisms in the soil could replenish the ionic minerals needed for the following year's growth, in order to maintain stable levels in the food.

    In 1946, the introduction of ammonium nitrate fertilizer stimulated greater yields, but also changed the sub surface chemistry of the soil structure to (Blackquoted)lock up calcium, burn out the Humus, and cause acidic conditions to occur. This altered the subsurface decomposition chemistry to where gasses like formaldehyde and alcohol started attracting pests.

    Unfortunately, instead of replenishing the mineral content to fix the pH and re-establish microorganism/mineral balance (which is the natural way to combat pests), toxic chemistry was introduced in the 1950s. These pesticides effectively killed the pests and fungi. But they also killed …

    It’s about time to bring back the old natural ways to grow our crops. To cultivate fruit bearing trees, and feed our cattle with grass instead of corn animal food made in the lab. We should bring back the minerals found in the soil so that we will have an ideal field fit to be planted with all vegetation, crops, trees, and plants.

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