• Limited Mobility Causes Cattle Hooves Fall Off?

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    It might sound like something out of a bad sci-fi flick, but the sad reality is that Zilmax, one of the most popular drugs given to cattle in the U.S., is suspected of causing cattle's hooves to fall off and leading to a spike in euthanized animals since its introduction.

    by Heather Callaghan

    Zilmax is a Merck drug that is given to cattle to “beef” them up; it debuted in the US in 2007. It is now suspected for causing cattle's hooves to fall off – or as the spin goes: “limited mobility.”

    It wasn't just 17 cows dropping hooves. It's been an ongoing problem.

    This is the only known video news report on the topic with a great rundown. After two minutes, it becomes more of an opinion piece. See more info below.

    The Resident's report in the video above was not kidding about Zilmax's claims. They call it a supplement and say it will help the environment, strategically mixing the words “nutrition” and “nutritionist” in with the review.

    But suspicions arose last summer when complaints, referencing Zilmax, of animals arriving at feed lots unable to walk surfaced at a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) meeting. When Tyson dropped it, other producers followed and …

    If ever there was a reason to stick with organic, locally raised beef, this could be it. Growth promoters like Zilmax are banned in organic animal husbandry—which means your steak came from an animal that didn't suffer the cruelty of losing its hooves.


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