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    Have those little flu and cold bugs got you down? Feel the aliens have invaded your head, your chest? Try this very effective remedy using essential oils. Save $$ by not using all those chemical drugs at your local pharmacy. This natural Cold and Flu Bomb regime will not only save you money, but most certainly will help and no chemicals.

    Essential oils have taken the prepper world by storm and with good reason.  For a relatively low cost, a few bottles of carefully selected essential oils can resolve a myriad of first aid woes, not the least of which are colds and flus, headaches, minor infections, and those dreaded aches and pains caused by sore muscles, charley horses, and more. Each month, as I have written about essential oils, the message has come back loud and clear.  “We want specifics!” Today I am going to share with you a very basic, very useful, and very specific use of essential oils.  It has been my experience that three simple oils, applied to the bottom of your feet at the onset of a cold, will bust the nasties quickly and allow you to get on with the business of living. The Cold and Flu Bomb Recipe This essential oil recipe is so …

    Combine the essential oils in a roller bottle.  At the onset of a cold, apply to the soles of your feet plus the big toe every 2 to 3 hours.  Continue to use for at least one day after your symptoms are done. I find that this makes up enough to use on one person for one day.  It is easy to double or triple the recipe, so use your judgment and prepare as little or as much as you think you will need. Special note for use on children under eight:  You will not want to use these oils undiluted on the kiddos.  You can’t go wrong with a 50/50 dilution with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or even Plain Ole’ Salve (healing salve without essential oils). Night Time Cold Buster For extra healing, I have used 2 drops of melaleuca, 2 drops of Shield, and 1 drop of Oregano in my diffuser at night.  If you are stuffed up, you may want to diffuse eucalyptus or Respire blend instead. A Note About Essential Oils I use essential oils from Spark Naturals because I feel they are they are the most affordable, therapeutic quality essential oils out there.  That said, there are many quality essential oil companies and I am certain their oils will work as well.  On the other hand, why pay more when you don’t have to? That being said, I am building up a supply of Melaleuca, Shield, and Oregano essential oils for long-term storage.  So far, I have 2 of each stored away in a cool, dark location and there is no reason to believe that they will not be good years from now.  If, however, you live in a warm, humid climate, you may want to store your oils in the refrigerator during the heat of summer. The Final Word As I have written in the past, Oregano essential oil is considered to be nature’s strongest and most effective antibiotic.  In addition, Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree Oil) has been proven to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. Shield is a blend of oils that support a healthy immune function plus kills bacteria, mold and viruses. All are great oils to have on hand for use now as well as for the long term when traditional drugs and OTC remedies may not be available.  For more information, read:
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    One more thing. Over the next year I plan to share more essential oil solutions that I have used personally with good results. To me, firsthand anecdotal knowledge and firsthand experience trumps volumes of material found on the Internet that may, or may not be valid, in practical terms.
    What do you think?  Do you have an essential oil “recipe” or formula to share that may be useful to someone else?

    Use essential oils for holistic healthcare. Remember to take frequently as the essential oils will last a short time in your system, yet they leave no chemicals behind. They come in, do their job, and get out.

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