• Different Buzzes Make A Lot Of Cash

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    Bees in different shapes and sizes may hold the key to a greater harvest, this is what the researchers are trying to convey. They are investing more on research regarding the vast diversity of bees and what they can bring to our fields when they pollinate in our crops. Studies show through their observations -that when a bees of a different varieties come to pollinate a crops -the results were surprisingly bountiful.

    Some research allegedly points to having native, flowering plants near blueberry fields to increase native bee populations over time, but the researchers wish to see what role crop management can play in fostering bee diversity at crop sites.

    This is incredibly good news but more and more studies, including this one from Harvard, are demonstrating that neonicotinoid pesticides are largely responsible for major bee declines. So in order for this bee-diversity finding to apply, their health needs to come first – and as you can see, the bees pay it forward to us many times over.

    What challenges us now is how we can regulate their numbers and mix them up in a vast field, this initiative however will not only sustain food security, but it will also eliminate food scarcity -we will have a yielding farms, vegetation, crops, fruit bearing trees etc.

    Now that we are so close to harnessing insects (BEES) and use them to our own advantage, we only have a glimpse of how all of us are connected. We take care of their business and they (The Bees) will take care of our farms. This is something we can contemplate about.

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