• Surprising Uses for Oatmeal

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    A bowl of piping hot oatmeal is perhaps a healthy way of starting your day. Though, this cereal is most commonly eaten for breakfast, it has multiple uses and benefits. Oat (Avena sativa), is basically a cereal whose seeds are edible and are known by the same name. This cereal originated in Scotland and was a staple diet of the Scottish whose meals comprised of cooked oats. Apart from consumption by humans in the form of oatmeal and rolled oats, this cereal is also used as livestock feed.

    You know that oatmeal is a delicious and healthy way to start your morning, but there are quite a few unconventional uses for oatmeal that might surprise you!

    From DIY beauty to some crafty applications, there are a slew of surprising uses for oatmeal! The list below also includes a couple of ways to use oatmeal in your cooking that you might not have tried. The recipes listed below all use rolled oats, not steel cut.

    Oats are quite versatile and can be eaten both in cooked or raw form. Uncooked oats are rather difficult to chew and cooking softens them. Alternatively, you can achieve a softer texture by soaking a cup of raw oatmeal in two cups of water and leaving it for 2 hours. This raw oatmeal can be blended in a blender along with water and consumed.

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