• Genetically-Modified Salmon Unsafe

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    The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that the new salmon is safe to eat and safe for the environment, suggesting that approval is likely at a hearing planned for later this month. The decision would make the fish the first genetically modified animal allowed for human consumption.

    The US Food and Drug Administration is in the process of assessing genetically-modified salmon created by the US-based corporation AquaBounty Technologies for possible approval for human consumption.

    According to information on AquaBounty’s website:  ”The FDA must provide premarket approval and examine the environmental impact of any genetically engineered food animal before it can be made available commercially. Extensive study is required before approval.”

    But, not everyone agrees with AquaBounty’s statement. According to Senior Policy Analyst, Jaydee Hanson, at the Center for Food Safety, who testified before the FDA’s advisory committee, ”a test size of six fish is insufficient.“ He also advised the FDA that their safety assessments were inadequate on three levels: environmental, health, and labeling.

    Hanson indicated that because the FDA’s advisory committee is made up of many university professors, he asked them, “What is an adequate sample size when conducting a study?” According to Hanson, they largely agreed that 200 is the minimum test size.  Hanson asked: …

    Several major scientific panels, Hutchings added, have found no sign that GM salmon would harm human health in any way. Tissue for tissue, he said, GM salmon and wild salmon are indistinguishable.

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