• Study: Exercise Is More Important Than Ever During The Holidays

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    It is not unusual to come to your holiday and believe you need a well-deserved break, not only from work or study but from your usual exercise and diet regime. This is understandable. That said, it is important that diet and exercise are not completely forgotten when you go on holidays.

    Who isn’t guilty of overdoing it a bit around the holidays? It’s tough to say “no” to those delicious dips, pies, cookies or whatever your holiday vice may be. But we heard some news that might help allay some of the negative effects when New Years rolls around. According to a study released by the Journal of Physiology, 45 minutes of vigorous daily exercise may help counteract most of the effects of “short-term overfeeding” (a.k.a. normal holiday eating habits) and “under-activity” (a.k.a. sitting on your couch and watching a marathon of holiday movies).

    In the study, two groups of young men were asked to cut down significantly on their daily activity (go from 10,000 steps a day to less than 4,000 steps) and increase their calorie intake. The control group consumed 50% more calories per day than what they usually ate. The test group also increased what they ate, but because they …

    It is very important to be aware, for yourself and for your children, of the health risks associated with weight gain and how to avoid holiday weight gain. This is not to say you need to wake up at 6am to do weights at the gym or completely avoid your favourite foods. Exercise and dietary regimes can be altered for the short holiday periods, but it’s best to work out a diet and exercise regime that doesn’t lead to weight gain. If you do gain weight over the holidays, it’s important to consciously try to lose the weight when you go back to work.

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