• Probiotics: Improve Your Immune System

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    To build a solid foundation for your health, a good place to start is where good health begins – in your digestive tract. Many pathogens and toxins enter into your body through your skin, lungs, even your mucous membranes! However, the largest source of toxins and microbial agents come from an area that most people would not expect – your digestive system. It may seem strange to think of the digestive tract as an external organ, but that is precisely what it is. The digestive tract has a very large surface area that comes into direct contact with our external environment, whilst providing a physical barrier to protect our internal organs from infection-causing bacteria, parasites and viruses. If our digestive system was to be stretched out, its surface area would be roughly equal to the size of a football field! This large surface area presents a defensive challenge and must be policed with many immune cells to protect you against illness. As it is so closely intertwined with the immune system, the digestive tract is recognised as a very active immune centre, and is thought to contain a whopping 70% of the body's immune system.

    As a retired practicing Natural Nutritionist, Consumer Healthcare Researcher and writer/author in that field for close to 40 years, I came to the conclusion about probiotics, as discussed in this lengthy Public Service Announcement, a very long time ago. Back then—in the 1980s, I recommended a dietary protocol as best could be implemented without the means of a probiotic supplement as discussed in that public service announcement. My strategy was “eliminating the fungus among us,” what the video refers to as the “Vampire fungus” or Candida albicans.

    Every client I ever interacted with while I was in private practice was encouraged to eat a non-sugar/non-fruit-filled Lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt daily, since probiotic supplements in pill form had not been marketed/mainstreamed as they are today. Humbly, I have to admit that I was ahead of the curve—as I’ve been during most of my professional career, which endeared me to vested interests as …

    Many people tend to think of the Immune system and digestive system as two completely separate entities. However, we now know these two systems are closely related and the health of the digestive system can largely influence our body’s ability to fight off infection and resist illness. Probiotics in particular play an important role in improving our immune system activity. By choosing the right strain of probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07, you can protect yourself and your family members against dreaded infections that render you out of action for days or weeks at a time and instead lay the foundations for great health! Have you had your Inner Health Plus Today?

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