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    Living life in the dimpliest form, may take a lot of getting used to, especially when you started out a huge life or lifestyle driven by success (livin’ it big) kind of life. Well, a lot of us thought of getting a good job, buying a huge house and live like a king. This is life for some of us, but the trend moves in a different direction now. People may not be dreaming of “living Big” anymore but chooses simplicity over luxurious life. Is it really a trend? Or people are starting to realize how nice it is to live an uncomplicated life. Aren’t we used to expecting big things? Or motivated to better ourselves and be successful through whatever career path we choose to go. People are now changing the definition “Big” and how these people conceptualize luxury has now change.

    People who grew up in a generation like today, knows better about the competition of life to advance and be secure enough not to lack anything in life —the technology that we are having at the moment signify how much we thirst for development, being “simple” is closely compared to being unknown. This era is for those who are born and raised in a consumer culture and believes they have access to pretty much everything. After the longest time those people who once seek to have luxurious life changed over time.

    There are environmentally-conscious individuals who desire reducing their footprint and there are economically-conscious folks who want more financial liberty. There are also families with one professional parent who doesn't make income. No matter what the reason, simple living concepts are booming.

    Some may think this lifestyle is devoid of conveniences or luxury, thus resulting in a lower quality of life. But that all depends on how one defines ‘quality of life': Is it your collection of things or is it how you spend your limited energy in this life?

    From getting the best things in life to living it minimally is indeed a huge leap, what is minimalism? Minimalism is defined as an intention to acquire the things I need and nothing else. It includes having very few material possessions, such as, house appliances, cars gadgets and more. But minimalism doesn’t have to be express that way.

    Your time and energy is what you own, not things. If you spend 40 miserable hours per week in an attempt to acquire things, then maybe you're doing life wrong. Is a big mortgage, car payment, or even student loans worth the sacrifice of your time? Securing food, shelter, and clothing does not need to be a miserable experience.

    It can go beyond material belongings. What People really need is to figure out how to get used to in living a simpler life and learned from it -how it would benefit them? Changing our mindset and conditioned our mind not to have more than we need is a bit hard, but once we can change our mind and thinking, the changes in our surroundings will just follow and the rest will just fall in into places.

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