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    In typical fiery Aries fashion, I can work myself into a frenzy to get something done at work, procrastinate like crazy, and be quick to jump to conclusions if something or someone seems to upset the apple cart of my livelihood. But in my mind, business was only one area of my life, and my real life consisted of all the other areas.

    Take a look at your life right now. Are you feeling like something is off? Are you unmotivated or having trouble getting something going but aren’t sure what it is or what to do?

    The truth is, the answer to “feeling stuck” can be found in the simple foundations of our lives. How you do the small things in life can really say a lot about how you do everything else.

    The Simple Things Matter

    Story time. When I was in college I went through a period where my bedroom was a disaster. I was not too happy with my life. I felt depressed and everything about the basic foundations of my day were “off.” I wasn’t doing the little things to keep my life in order and in turn it created disorder in everything else I was doing.

    Try This
    Take a moment and reflect. When you are lazy at home and not keeping …

    Spend an hour this afternoon or evening and complete three things you’ve been putting off. Clean out that drawer, make that call, send that email or fix a situation with a clear conversation or apology.

    When we experience the freedom that arrives and the burst of energy that returns, we no longer question the effect every area of our life has on all aspects of our happiness. We are not divided beings. We’re whole and we’re all connected.

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