• Saturated Fats Against Diabetes

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    Saturated fat in cheese, yogurt and other dairy products may protect against diabetes, Study has found that people with higher levels of the types of saturated fatty acid found in dairy products were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

    A large European study

    The new Europe-wide study investigated the relationship between nine different types of saturated fatty acids and the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. The results were published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.

    The study analysed blood samples taken from 12,403 people – out of a group of 340,234 European adults – who developed type-2 diabetes.

    Odds & evens

    The researchers found that saturated fatty acids containing an even number of carbon atoms in their molecular chain – for example, 14:0, 16:0 and 18:0 – were associated with a 43% higher risk of type-2 diabetes.

    Higher levels of even-chain saturated fatty acids were more likely in those whose diets were higher in alcohol, soft drinks, margarine and potatoes, and less likely in those whose diets were composed mainly of fruit, vegetables, olive oil and vegetable oil.

    Not all fats are the same

    “These odd-chain saturated fatty acids are well-established markers of eating dairy fats,” explains lead …

    Not all saturated fats increase the chances of developing diabetes and some could help protect against the disease, a study has shown. The kind of saturated fat found in dairy products such as yogurt is likely to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, say scientists.

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