• Chinese Herbal Extract Fights off Pancreatic Cancer Cells

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    Food ingredientsChinese herbal medicine works differently and pretty much detach from the typical method of Western concepts of curing an illness. Its approach is rather direct -tending the patient’s illness or their symptoms rather than the root cause. Those who use Chinese medicine will perform treatment by checking imbalances, such diseases caused by cancer and other illnesses, they are known for combining different herbs, minerals, and plant extracts. There are some Chinese practitioners that claim their herbs capable to prevent and cure different types of cancer. However, there are number Chinese herbalists who do not subscribe to this belief, instead, they use herbal medicine that are associated with mainstream treatments suggested by oncologists, like the famous ill-treatment chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They believe that herbal has a trait that helps you alleviate the side effects that of mainstream cancer treatments, eases pain, boost the immune system, and stop tumor from occurring and spreading. One aspect of Chinese herbal medicine aims to restore or strengthen immunity and resistance to disease. Chinese medicines are known to be very natural, when it comes to their method of treatment.

    GRP78, a protein that protects cells from dying, is more abundant in cancer cells and tissue than in normal organs and is thought to play a role in helping pancreatic cancer cells survive and thrive. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found triptolide, an extract of the Chinese herb thunder god vine (Tirpterygium wilforii), suppresses GRP78, eventually leading to pancreatic cancer cell death.
    For mammals to use the proteins in our bodies, a process called protein folding must occur in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) of cells. If proteins are not folded fast enough, unfolded proteins begin to build up and the cell becomes stressed. Prolonged ER stress activates a cellular process called the “unfolded protein response (UPR)”. Initially, the UPR helps kick-start the cell’s protein-folding ability, allowing it to function properly again. But if the problem doesn’t resolve, the UPR triggers cell death.
    GRP78 helps cells survive long enough for the …

    Studies have been made to validate the effectiveness of Chinese medicines, over time there have been claims that they are cured naturally and the number of people going to the direction of this alternative medicines are growing.

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