• Glowing Complexion In Three Points

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    Love life to what it can offer you, and learn to take good care of your skin and complexion in three amazing ways.

    (NaturalNews) For years, cosmetic products companies have been telling us that healthy skin can be attained by applying products on the outside of the body. Once a person has educated oneself about the source of true health, they find that these commercially driven claims aren't entirely accurate. The true key to vibrant, glowing skin can only be found on the inside of the body, more specifically, within certain organs and the cells. Vibrant, healthy skin can be yours by following these three key steps:

    Key One: Cleanse the liver

    Next to the skin, the liver is the largest organ in the body. Its main function is detoxifying the blood and keeping toxic sludge from building up in the tissues and bloodstream. Our livers are overtaxed today due to our polluted and toxic environment, GMO foods, fluoride in drinking water, prescription meds, industrial chemicals and vaccines, to name a few toxin sources. Although …



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