• Room Lighting In The Hospital May Worsen Your Mood and Pain

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    Lights can be one of the factors that patients stays a little longer in the hospital. Some people could not rest well when the light is on and how it is positioned. Here are some points to how and why it may worsen the patients health.

    By Dr. Mercola

    Hopefully you have never spent much time in a hospital, but if you have you likely experienced frequent disruptions to your sleep.

    Aside from the beeping machines and nightly checks from hospital staff, your room was probably dimly lit with artificial light both day and night — a major impediment to proper sleep and well-being.

    As a new study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing revealed, the lighting in many hospital rooms may be so bad that it actually worsens patients’ sleep, mood and pain levels.

    Hospital-Room Lighting May Lead to Disrupted Sleep Cycles, Increased Pain and Fatigue

    The study found that, on average, hospital patients in the study were exposed to about 105 lux (a measure of light emission) daily. This is a very low level of light; for comparison, an office would generally provide about 500 lux and being outdoors on a sunny day could provide 100,000 lux.



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