• Research: Feeling Fat Might Make You Fat

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    Fats and lipids play critical roles in the overall functioning of the body, such as in digestion and energy metabolism. Usually, 95 percent of the fat in food is digested and absorbed into adipose, or fatty, tissue. Fats are the body's energy provider and energy reserve, which helps the body maintain a constant temperature. Fats and lipids are also involved in the production and regulation of steroid hormones , which are hydrophobic (or “water-fearing”) molecules made from cholesterol in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum, a compartment within a cell in which lipids, hormones, and proteins are made.

    Last weekend, millions of women in America were squeezing into shorts, a slinky dress, or a bathing suit, pinching their jiggling bellies and thighs, and shouting, “I am SO FAT!”

    Ok, maybe it was just me. I’m no research scientist, but I know that women and girls are more likely than males to think we are fat even when we are slender as gazelles. Ironically, new research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, published in the Journal of Obesity, suggests that the fear of being fat could actually make us fatter later in life.

    The researchers looked at data from over 1000 teens who weren’t overweight at the time, and followed up when they were between 24 and 30.

    Half of the participants were still at a normal weight. But among those who were overweight, the researchers found a clear difference: 60% to 78% of girls who thought they were fat as teens became overweight later …

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