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    Having an imbalanced diet and making poor food choices affects your overall health. The foods you put in your body directly impact how you feel, your weight and your risk of developing chronic diseases. Making changes to your diet and losing a moderate amount of weight improve your blood pressure levels, lower blood cholesterol and lessen your risk of suffering serious chronic illnesses.

    By Jefferey Jaxen

    This is an important piece for those that wish to begin walking their true path in life. Many, including myself, fall victim to advertising, propaganda, and poor food choices that all cloud our true thoughts and beliefs. There are many systems in place to gently steer the way we think until we find ourselves living a life that we are not happy with.
    “We can judge our health by our happiness, and by our happiness we know that we’re obeying the dictates of our Souls.” – Edward Bach

    The reason I used the words “true path” is that we are all here to experience certain things and learn from them. When one is on the true path, the lessons are not as difficult, nor are they often missed. This leads to faster progression, happiness, and a more fulfilling life. It is only when we have lost our way through false …



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