• Raw Diet: How A Mother Cured Her Daughter’s Eczema

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    Hello I hope you're all doing great! Today I came across something so beautiful and inspiring and I just had to share this with you all. Ullenka (the happy mama!), her husband and their three kids have been following a raw high carb low fat vegan diet for the last 6 months and have experienced some truly remarkable results. Maya had previously suffered from severe eczema as well as leaky gut caused by candida overgrowth. After only a few months, Maya is completely healed and is looking absolutely gorgeous and healthy.

    As supplemental advice, Maya’s pediatrician also recommended removing cow’s milk from her diet and replacing it with goat’s milk (about 15% of infants experience a dairy protein allergy, with common allergic symptoms manifesting on the skin). After doing so, Maya’s mother noticed that it had worked, but this only lasted for a short while.

    When Maya turned 7, her eczema flared up again worse than ever before. This time, however, Maya was also found to have candida and parasites. In desperation, Maya’s mother went to her diet once again, this time cutting out meat and eggs as well as sugar. But her efforts were to no avail, as symptoms seemed to be getting worse.

    After months of playing with Maya’s diet, her mother could see that she was ill from all of their efforts to rid Maya of her candida. She was losing weight rapidly, which her mother attributed to Maya’s …

    I hope this can help others who might be dealing with similar conditions. Never be afraid to follow your instincts and listen to your heart, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. We live in such a crazy (yet beautiful) world – we can't let ourselves fall into the marketing trap of the pharmaceutical industries. It's a never ending cycle of medicines and magic potions. True health and healing starts from within, and mother nature knows just how to do it! Wishing you all a beautiful day!

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