• Arduino-based, Backyard Aquaponics: Internet Of Farming

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    Today he runs Kijani Grows (“Kijani” is Swahili for green), a small startup that designs and sells custom aquaponics systems for growing food and attempts to explore new frontiers of computer-controlled gardening.Maundu believes that by putting gardens online, especially in places like West Oakland (where his solar-powered gardens are totally off the grid), it’s the only way to make sure that farming remains viable to the next generation of urban youth.

    Upon this man's property is an impressive automated agricultural system he claims can be scaled easily and incrementally.

    While still technically a prototype, it does showcase a lot of impressive features even if many aspects of the project may seem undesirable to many prospective home-farmers.

    The impressive features are of course the automation and monitoring systems, as well as the clever engineering solutions used throughout the project.

    Some of the shortfalls some commentators were pointing out included the possible contamination of food due to the large amount of plastic involved.

    Rik Kretzinger, the project's creator, is using the Arduino microcontroller and an opensource program called “APDuino” that allows you to quickly implement automation without tedious programming. In the video, he gives a very detailed explanation of how it works.

    If you were interested in aquaponics – this video will give you more than enough to start with.

    Regarding BPA and other contaminants, it would …

    In addition, Rik’s aquaponics system is designed to automatically upload data to the cloud via Xively, post emergency SMS alerts as well as stream updates over Facebook and Twitter. ??Kretzinger says his open source aquaponics system is quite versatile, vertical and can be set up in both urban and suburban locations.

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