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    14_Hydration02Water is definitely on top of our list as the important substance present on planet earth, it is believe that 60% of the human body weight is water. The best people to describe the importance of water is those in the sports business, that athletes themselves would make it number one on their priority list. This could affect both performance and health. As a matter of fact, the importance of drinking water would even exceed that of your vitamin, calories and electrolyte all together. You want to make sure that you have sufficient water in your system. It is very vital learn the effect of sweat loss in the athletic performance, how much water should you drink? Considering the role and functions of water in human physiology.

    Here is a real problem for some people whether they drink a lot of water or not – they aren't keeping much of it. That's a problem. It's no wonder they might seek sports drinks which can definitely help, but also contain artificial sweeteners, synthetic minerals, chemicals, and artificial colors.
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    Just to be clear – regular water drinking is optimal and living strictly off of electrolyte drinks is not. But some people, for a variety of reasons, want to gag if they drink plain water or vomit if they drink too much at one time. Sports drinks are enticing because they are flavorful and don't typically cause this problem – and then people mistakenly think they are more hydrated because they are ingesting more fluids and have silenced the thirst mechanism. So, I experimented with enhancing water …

    The importance of water inside the human body is clearly vital. You can’t be too careless about what you drink to replenish the loss of water in the body. That is why you need to know what kind of drink you need to supply the demand of water in your body.

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