• Go Nontoxic At The Salon

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    You will notice many salons have a foul smell. This is due to the products they use. Most have ammonia components, which speed up the chemical process. If you find the salon has an unusual smell, they use the dangerous products. Many people assume the best products will have a striking resemblance but this is not the case. The best products do not have a foul smell, which causes pollution. One of the ways you can use to notice the items you use are not ideal includes a burnt scalp. This will limit the growth of the roots, and cause baldness. Some will no longer have hair, and some have negative reactions when they apply different oils. You need to keep in mind such effects before you proceed to use any treatments.

    When hair stylist Luis Alfonso and his partner Caroline Holley decided to start their own beauty salon, they knew they wanted to go green to lessen their impact on the environment. That’s why Swing Salon, located in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, uses truly natural and organic products.

    Many of Swing Salon’s clients started going there because of the salon’s location, but Holley notes that clients can’t help but notice that they are in a different, healthier, type of hair salon.

    “People are surprised to walk into a hair salon and not be hit in the face with the smell of ammonia,” she says. “They are so used to hair color treatments that burn their scalps that they are surprised to experience a healthier alternative.”

    That surprise isn’t uncommon. Many people assume that if a hair or body treatment is used at a local salon, it must be regulated and safe for use. But …

    Many companies are embracing the green options. This includes using herbal ingredients, which do not harm the body or the environment. When you compare the natural ingredients, they have more benefits to the body. You will not complain of a burning sensation or making the hair weak. It is a sad affair for those who use the dangerous ingredients, which have a higher chemical presentation, which hinders normal growth.



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