• Protection Against Asthma Can Be A ‘Fermentable’ Dietary Fibre

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    According  to a new study, asthma can be protected with diet fermentable  fibre.

    Natural Health News — The Western diet probably has more to do with the asthma epidemic than has been assumed so far, according to new research.

    Swiss scientists have recently found that developing asthma is linked  the health of the gut and this in turn is linked to the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed.

    In the past 50 years, an increasing number of people in the West have developed allergic asthma. But dietary habits have also changed during the same period with fruit and vegetables playing an ever smaller role in people’s diets.

    Now new results, published in the journal Nature Medcine, suggest that these two developments are not merely simultaneous, they are also causally linked. Using an animal model a team of researchers from Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) has shown that the lack of fermentable fibers in people’s diet paves the way for allergic inflammatory reactions in the lungs.

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