• Protection Against Diabetes Can Be Dietary Flavonoids

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    There has been increasing interest in the research of flavonoids from dietary sources, due to growing evidence of the versatile health benefits of flavonoids through epidemiological studies. As occurrence of flavonoids is directly associated with human daily dietary intake of antioxidants, it is important to evaluate flavonoid sources in food. Fruits and vegetables are the main dietary sources of flavonoids for humans, along with tea and wine. However, there is still difficulty in accurately measuring the daily intake of flavonoids because of the complexity of existence of flavonoids from various food sources, the diversity of dietary culture, and the occurrence of a large amount of flavonoids itself in nature

    Natural Health News — Women whose diets are rich in foods like berries, chocolate, red wine and tea are at reduced risk of diabetes, according to new UK research.

    The antioxidant flavonoids found in these and other colourful fruits and vegetables may offer a variety of health benefits. The current study links them to reduced inflammation and insulin resistance – both precursors of diabetes.

    The study involved 2000 healthy women from TwinsUK, a nationwide registry of adult twin volunteers. The women ranged in age from 18 to 76, and about half were post-menopausal.

    The women were asked to completed food questionnaires which were then used to estimate their intake of six types of flavonoids, as well as providing information about the women’s family medical histories, general lifestyle habits and physical activity levels.

    The researchers also calculated the womens’ total calorie intake and their body mass index (BMI), a measure of weight …

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