• Prevention is Better than Cure

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    Technological advances and cultural shifts led us to 21st century way of living which is onto speed for more productivity. There is always the continual search to make living better, thus, the words deliverables and fast are totally in.

    But what price are we exactly paying for at the extent of our lifestyles? Recent studies connect autism with environmental toxins ranging from pesticides to herbicides to plasticisers to brominated fire retardants, even prescription drugs. They are known to alter brain development in certain sensitive stages of fetuses during pregnancy. The following excerpt of a study comparing brain autopsies of autistic children is published in the New England Journal.

    The autistic brains demonstrated abnormal patches of disorganized neurons that disrupted the usual distinct layers in the brain’s cortex. The study suggests that abnormalities occurred in utero during key developmental stages between 19 to 30 weeks gestation. It’s not just the toxin, it’s the timing of the exposure as well.

    It is a known fact that autistic children are indeed different and though we may love them, some people do subject them to bullying. April was Autism Awareness Month and some slogans have been crying out to cure autism. How about prevention?

    Though autism remains a mystery and complexity, along with intellectual disability (ID) and other neurodevelopmental disorders, with this new found knowledge on the subject, maybe we can rethink of the way we do things such as legislation of certain chemicals, control of specific substances possibly affecting fetal development, among other big and even small ways so as to prevent autism. After all, as it had been said, prevention is better than cure.

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