• Study: Energy drinks cause heart problems

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    Energy drinks are beverages that claim to “make you more alert and give you energy.” Most have ingredients like caffeine, sugar, taurine, vitamins and herbs. Energy drinks can be found anywhere you buy beverages beside the pop, juices and sports drinks.

    Energy drinks can cause heart problems according to research presented at ESC Congress 2014 today by Professor Milou-Daniel Drici from France.

    Professor Drici said: “So-called ‘energy drinks’ are popular in dance clubs and during physical exercise, with people sometimes consuming a number of drinks one after the other. This situation can lead to a number of adverse conditions including angina, cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and even sudden death.”

    He added: “Around 96% of these drinks contain caffeine, with a typical 0.25 litre can holding 2 espressos worth of caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most potent agonists of the ryanodine receptors and leads to a massive release of calcium within cardiac cells. This can cause arrhythmias, but also has effects on the heart’s abilities to contract and to use oxygen. In addition, 52% of drinks contain taurine, 33% have glucuronolactone and two-thirds contain vitamins.”

    Dr Drici continued: “In 2008 energy drinks were granted …

    Water is your best choice during most types of activity. Use a sports drink during long or intense exercise. Sports drinks have specific amounts of sugar and salts (such as sodium and potassium). The sugar helps to keep you exercising longer and harder while the salts help replace some of the nutrients you lose when you sweat. Energy drinks are not the same as sports drinks. They tend to be higher in sugar which can make them harder to absorb during exercise and could cause stomach upset. Drinking energy drinks during exercise can lead to dehydration.

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