• The Role of USDA in our Health

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    4colorsealgifPolicies are created to organize a system that would benefit a community or the whole country, in order for us to function well in our designated field or area, we must learn first to distinguish what is right and what is not. To outline limitations and accept an open ideas from different individuals, organized groups and other organization. Such policies are applied in every government agencies and USDA is no exemption for this matter. The agency was birth out through the initiative of the renowned President, Sir, Abraham Lincoln.
    It’s inevitably true that such agency is structured to carve some policies that would regulate and develop farming, Forestry, and food. USDA determine what’s good and what’s not when it comes to farm products and the companies behind it. Their job really is to ensure that people are getting good quality of crops and proper cultivation on the farm avoiding any irregularities that would affect anyone’s right to plant. And most of all -it will determine how healthy it is for all of us to eat healthy foods coming from our neighboring farmers.
    Nutrition Guidelines Set to Boost Junk Food Economics, Not to Promote Health

    Ever since 1933, every five to seven years the US Congress passes a set of legislative acts commonly referred to as “the Farm Bill,” which includes agricultural subsidies to growers of certain types of food.
    These subsidies are in large part responsible for promoting and worsening the US obesity epidemic—a fact highlighted in a 2013 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.1 According to the authors, the root of the problem is that:
    “Government-issued payments have skewed agricultural markets toward the overproduction of commodities that are the basic ingredients of processed, energy-dense foods.”
    This includes corn, soybeans, wheat and rice, which are the top four most heavily subsidized foods.
    By subsidizing these, particularly corn and soy, the US government is actively supporting a diet that consists of these processed grains, namely high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), soybean oil, and grain-fed cattle – all of which are now well-known contributors to obesity and …

    A government agency is created mainly to serve the purpose that it was created to. USDA is of no exception to that, however, it should protect the people who are crying out because of this conspiracy between agencies and some people from GMO group.

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