• Working hand and Hand against GMO Products

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    We are living in a world where everything is pretty much connected, and this connection is guided by principles called balance. Meaning –if one of these elements is in peril or damage, consequences are certain. It is bases on the cause effect principle. GMO (Genetic Modified Organism) is defying the existing law of the nature and tried to alter it through technology, the very intention of why GMO exist is to change the DNA format of an organism mainly to improve it, or to add traits to that particular organism according to their liking. Now, before you get too excited about this ambitious method, let me lay everything in a fair perspective. I don’t want to be bias, however, if we are going to weigh things over and base our argument on the principles I’ve discuss above it would seems like GOM would come out wrong.

    Imagine what will happen to the trees, vegetable, crops and all organic food resources if we allow GMO to put them all under an experiment. Let’s say; their intention is to improve their quality for bigger harvest. The fact still remain that even if we turn the world upside down, they are altering nature and creating an uncertainty! Why? Because after their work in the laboratory is done, they test it to animals and humans without the assurance that they have already annihilate harmful effects. If they’re work doesn’t work and if it fails big time! And our crops and fruit bearing tress are affected and worst get mutated, there’s a possibility that our organic food will be contaminated and brings and epidemic all over the world.

    Before its too late, we should work together stopping anything or any activity that would cause our future, our live and all. Recently there’s a huge gathering of the people against it.

    The Global GMO Free Coalition will provide journalists and governments worldwide with a serious and well-respected source of independent information. Journalists will be welcomed to contact the Coalition 24 hours a day (Blackquoted)the for unique quotes and reactions from the top Global experts in the field of GMOs and their associated pesticides.

    The Coalition will also coordinate expert speakers to attend public and private events wherever they are held around the Globe. These speakers will present serious sustainable alternatives to GMOs and will deconstruct Biotech industry propaganda.

    The The Global GMO Free Coalition partners are from countries around the world, including the U.S., UK, Russia, Iran, Chile, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, New Caledonia, Ghana, Georgia and Ireland.

    The “This is a global issue that deserves a global approach. The GMO industry is attempting to take over the world’s food supply with untested, harmful products and we will not let …

    With all our might let us fight against GMO products. This would destroy the planet and bring about unhealthy, substandard food. This may trigger food scarcity and worldwide epidemic due to its effect on human.

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