• Laugh As a Universal Language

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    laughter5Often we come together just to have a good laugh, in fact we prefer to go out with people who knows how to crack a huge joke just so we could use a laugh and feel better about ourselves. We tend to rely on one another whether to seek comfort, or just someone to talk to. Laugh is something that is not learned it is but it is a gift installed in us from the very beginning of your existence here on earth. As if you are programed to laugh and it will just come out naturally.
    Laughter they said is magnetic, well, it’s absolutely correct. Everywhere you are, you seem to be attractive to anything that will make you laugh. Seriously laugh is totally an attractive act that people are looking to find everywhere. A lot of people are actually willing to pay just to have a dose of laugh, in fact stage comedian now a days are popular. Different races from different culture and countries have a common understanding when it comes to laughing, this means that our nature as a human being is patterned in ways that we are understanding one another not just through language but also through laughter.

    Social Laughter Is 30 Times More Frequent Than Solitary Laughter
    If you're laughing, you're far more likely to be surrounded by others, as Dr. Provine's research suggests, the critical laughter trigger for most people is another person, not a joke or funny movie.
    After observing 1,200 people laughing in their natural environments (a process he described as “sidewalk neuroscience”), Dr. Provine and his team found that laughter followed jokes only about 10-20 percent of the time.
    In most cases, the laughter followed a banal comment or only slightly humorous one, which signals that the person is more important than the material in triggering laughter.
    Often, there was a playfulness in the group and a positive emotional tone as well. Interestingly, nearly half the time it was the speaker doing the laughing, as opposed to the “audience,” but virtually all of the laughter occurred in a group setting. In fact, one of the key reasons …

    When you laugh, you will not only feel good in inside, you will also get the chance to translate that laugh into something contiguous that any one who’s with you will also be triggered to laugh and multiply this positive act until it will make you feel better holistically.

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