• Women: Is Taking Care Of Yourself Really That Selfish?

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    The more time that working mothers spent taking care of themselves, the better were the emotional and physical health of their children. Does this apparent paradox surprise you? It shouldn’t, for it’s just another bit of proof that if you don’t take care of yourself then you can’t really serve those who depend on you. So why is it so difficult for people to devote the resources needed to take care of themselves?

    You take care of your loved ones and help them with the details of their lives they’d otherwise miss.

    You’re a teacher, helper, advisor, and caregiver all wrapped up in one package.

    But who takes care of … you?

    Your answer to that question will lead to one of two places: a healthier, fitter, and less-stressed you, or a secured spot on the yo-yo diet merry-go-round.

    For the last 6 months, we’ve spent hours interviewing our Lean Eating for Womenclients in person and on the telephone.

    We wanted to find out why they chose to do the program when they just as easily could have hired a local personal trainer, signed up at a CrossFit gym, or bought the latest diet book.

    And the answer was kinda surprising.

    Here’s what we found — and how it can help you become healthier, happier, and less stressed-out about your body.

    Women: Tireless caregivers

    In our interviews, the same stories kept popping up, over …

    What have you done recently to take better care of yourself and strengthen your ability to perform well in the other parts of your life? In these stressful times, it’s more important than ever that we all do so.



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