• Mood Dictates Your Food Choices

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    Emotional eating is something we're all familiar with. Happy or sad, up or down, there's a plethora of media in the world that tells us our moods often dictate the foods we choose to eat. So how should you change your diet if you want to try to improve your mood? You'll find eight suggestions below. Try to incorporate as many as possible, because regardless of their effects on mood, most of these changes offer other health benefits as well.

    Natural Health News — Happy or sad, up or down, there’s a lot of research to show how our moods influence how much we eat.

    But more recent studies have shown that negative moods and positive moods may actually lead to preferences for different kinds of foods. For example, given the choice between grapes or candy, someone in a good mood may be more inclined to choose the former while someone in a bad mood may be more likely to choose the latter.

    In an article published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology scientists unpick what’s behind stress eating showing that it is more complex than first thought.

    Why we eat

    “We were interested in the ‘why,’” said one of the study’s authors Meryl Gardner, a University of Delaware associate professor. “Why when someone is in a bad mood will they choose to eat junk food, and why when someone is in a …



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