• Ways To Reclaim Your Lunch Hour

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    Taking a quick break from your desk, even if it is only for 15 to 20 minutes, is a proven way to increase productivity and decision making throughout the afternoon. Human beings do not work in a linear fashion like machines, and taking regular breaks is imperative to help sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day.

    Lunch is the middle child of meals. It's not comforting like breakfast or respected like dinner. Often it consists of a sandwich scarfed down between emails and errands. But don't give up your midday respite without a fight.

    For starters, it's likely to be the one time of day when the only person you need to feed is yourself. And, in case your boss is wondering, there's no need for guilt about taking a true break: A University of Toronto study found that people who were able to choose how to spend their lunch hours had more energy the rest of the day. Serve yourself some relaxation, energy, and creativity in 60 minutes or less. You'll nourish body and soul.

    1. Try a new twist on yoga.
    Got the yawns? Sneak off to an empty office, lie down, and do yoga nidra — essentially a form of progressive relaxation. One study found that people felt …

    Having a good lunch is important because it gives you the energy to stay alert in class. (Just be sure to stay away from heavy meals so you don't end up nodding off at your desk.) A satisfied stomach also won't growl every minute, allowing you and your neighbors to concentrate.

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