• People Who Can’t Cook: 99 Healthy Meals And Snacks

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    Like many of us, you battle a hectic daily routine. Luckily, we’ve learned that the key to juggling a busy schedule is to maintain stable energy levels throughout your day. Snacking on nutritious food options will keep you fueled up, but, unfortunately, the most easily accessible snacks are not always the healthiest! Packages of processed chips, crackers, and fruit snacks lurk behind the glass of every vending machine. Thankfully, there are other options. By stocking your pantry, desk, or handbag with unprocessed snacks, you’ll quickly eliminate refined sugar, sodium, and unnecessary chemicals from your diet.

    The most common excuses I hear when people tell my why they can’t eat healthy, non-GMO food is that they “can’t” cook or that they “don’t have time” to cook.

    It’s a sad disservice that our schools have decided that home economics class is no longer necessary. Whether you are male or female, the ability to put together a nourishing, tasty meal on a budget can’t be overrated. We’ve all got to eat, right?  My kids have been cooking since they were 9 years old.  (Uh-oh, someone call the child abuse hotline! She’s making her children slave over a hot stove!)

    To make the list, the item must be able to be found in a GMO-free version, must not contain massive amounts of sugar, is preferably organic, and must be free of additives and chemicals. Some items are brand name recommendations.  Others will be left up to your own judgement to choose a variety …

    Hummus is a creamy and delicious spread, but much more nutritious than your typical “dips.” Another option for healthy snacks is a platter of sweet vegetables such as carrots or bell peppers. You can use them with the hummus spread or another spread of your choice. One healthy snack that people sometimes forget about is fruit. Fruit such as apples, oranges, pears, and berries can be eaten separately or mixed together for a sweet and nutritious snack. Mixing the fruit with a little protein such as peanut butter makes for optimal nutrition.

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