• Olive Oil helps you Resist the effect of Air Pollution

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    how-olive-oil-works-3Air pollution is the most common pollution there is in the planet, after the age of industrialism had begun –we had no choice but to embrace the reality of this effect in the environment. Every day and every night, gigantic industrial plantations around the world are releasing this so called toxic elements into the air and would circulate everywhere. They can actually reach to as far as the wind takes them. Well, one would argue that our atmosphere is just too big for our garbage to worry about air pollution, actually it is a fact that we have a huge sky above us when we look up, however let us not forget that even our atmospheres are vulnerable to damage, our ozone layer for example, is already damage due to our abusive ways of handling harmful chemicals here on the ground, and the effect was irreversible. We can no longer enjoy outdoor activity to the fullest extent due to the unbearable heat of the sun, which the ozone layer can no longer protect us from due to its damage.
    Air pollution is a definitely a threat to all of us, they can cause both acute and chronic respiratory disease second only to tobacco smoke and other outdoor pollutants that are also known as a risk factors for respiratory problems. It can be really hard to avoid them now a days, especially those who are living in the cities. But not to worry, there had been studies about foods that can actually help you get rid of the effect of air pollutions.

    Olive oil has been widely researched and the findings have clearly shown that the intake of olive oil can lower your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, dementia, and some forms of cancer, and can improve your life expectancy.
    Adding to this list, recent research has also indicated that by including olive oil in your diet, you may be able to ward off the harmful effects of air pollution. In the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the over-populated globe, air quality continues to be a very problematic issue, causing premature heart disease, lung disease, and death in thousands of unsuspecting people
    Unfortunately, the particulate matter in the air from pollution emitted by coal generators and vehicles can damage the sensitive endothelial linings of your arteries, leading to premature atherosclerosis.
    In this new study, 42 healthy adults were recruited to establish if there was any link between the use of fish oil or …

    For most of us, outdoor activities are simply the best! We can pretty much do anything under the sun, however, the threat of air pollution is always present everywhere. It is always wise to eat something that would help you get rid of them.

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