• Will Make You Queasy: Monsanto’s New PR Commercial

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    Monsanto thinks that consumers should drop all those pesky questions about the company's dark past, the lack of independent safety testing, their fight against GMO labeling, their aggressive litigation that puts farmers out of business and the devouring of the majority of the world's food supply and crops. Apparently, they'd like you to forget over one hundred years of genocidal history.

    Remember when the Corn Refiner's Association got mad about all those concerns about high fructose corn syrup? And they came out with those public relations ads where the stupid parent raises a concern and the smart parent says “What? That's it's made from corn, that it's natural and like sugar, it's fine in moderation”?

    Here we have an imagery-based reminder that Thanksgiving is around the corner which hearkens back to one of Norman Rockwell's “freedom from” pictures and the idea of hunger. They also remind people that the population is getting just so darn hard to feed.

    You may notice the shallow and hypocritical display of culturally diverse feel-goodery. In any other context it would be appropriate – but not with them. Just…No. It is supposed to signal that Monsanto is good, by jove. Consumers should drop all those pesky questions about the company's dark past, the lack of independent …

    Sometimes it is hard to see what is wrong and what is right, though it is quite apparent that Monsanto is a corporation with no regard for human health or the planet. This isn’t the only example of resistance against corrupt companies like Monsanto, and it certainly won’t be the last.

    Regardless of whether or not the attack will be considered to be in the right by some anti-Monsanto activists, one thing is clear: Monsanto’s own crimes against public health and the environment trump any form of cyber attack in terms of wrongdoing.

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