• Non-GMO At General Mills: You’ll Never Believe Who Spoke Up

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    Cereal giant General Mills has announced that its original-flavor Cheerios will soon be made without the use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients. It's a major step in the right direction that also highlights the changing attitudes among the US public regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs)… increasing numbers of people simply do not want them in our food.

    Shareholders were set to vote on an initiative calling for the removal of genetically engineered ingredients from all General Mills' products. Even though General Mills announced that they would be removing genetically engineered ingredients from Cheerios earlier this year, the measure did not look likely to pass.

    All eyes were on the vote, though, especially in the aftermath of the announcement that General Mills was acquiring Annie's Homegrown.

    So what happened? The great granddaughter of the co-founder of General Mills spoke up.

    “As a proud stockholder, I am concerned about our reputation as a company that uses genetically modified organisms,” Harriett Crosby told the annual meeting crowd.

    “I think we can do better and improve our brand and the value of General Mills by eliminating GMOs from our products.”

    Crosby cited one irrefutable truth about GMOs: General Mills already produces GMO-free versions of its products in Europe and parts of Asia and already labels them …

    From there a few links are provided which of course proclaim that it is perfectly safe to eat pesticides, even if the rest of the world disagrees. As you may already know, this is of course because Monsanto and its cronies are the symptom of a corrupt United States government. With former VP of  public policy for Monsanto, Michael R. Taylor, now serving as the Deputy Commissioner for foods at the FDA it’s hard to take anything the American government says about pesticides and GMOs seriously. And don’t forget about former Monsanto attorney Clarence Thomas who is now an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

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