• Facebook Post: Monsanto Draws Outrage

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    Bee Against Monsanto, an event in celebration of National Honeybee Day, was a success, with 86 events occurring around the globe, helping to get word out that corporations like Monsanto could very well be at the foundation of the widespread bee die-offs. Systemic neonicotinoid pesticides have been increasingly blamed for bee deaths, prompting the European Union (EU) to ban them for two years to study their involvement with large bee kills.

    Last month's National Honeybee Day (August 16) marked the sixth annual event – a day started by beekeepers to build community awareness of the bee industry. This year's theme, “Sustainable Gardening Begins with Honey Bees,” showed that concerned citizens are increasingly getting involved in efforts to save the bees.

    March Against Monsanto Group Joins the Effort to Save the Bees

    The first March Against Monsanto, which took place in May 2013 involved some 2 million people in 450 cities and 50 countries, who took to the streets with the same message—that genetic engineering and Monsanto are out of control, and, at the very least, we need labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods and safety testing.

    Monsanto, which is the world leader in GM crops (and the pesticides and herbicides that go along with them), is clearly no friend to the bees. And so the Tampa-born activist group organized Bee Against Monsanto, an …

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