• Is Inflammation Ruining Your Health?

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    Dealing with pain, swelling and redness

    Is inflammation ruining your health?

    Inflamed Shoulder

    Daily life can be so demanding. With schedules packed full with work deadlines, household chores and family responsibilities, it can be easy to dismiss every day aches or pains.

    After all, maybe you haven’t been sleeping well, you pulled a muscle or are coming down with a cold. Perhaps, but maybe the situation is more serious.

    Constant aches and pains caused by inflammation shouldn't be ignored. Although once commonly thought to affect only the joints, medical professionals now know that chronic inflammatory disease can impact overall health.

    What’s going on?

    Simply put, inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury, irritation or infection. In a protective move, the body’s white blood cells kick into high gear. This is a normal reaction, but sometimes the system gets out of whack and results in excessive inflammation. This leads to painful redness, excessive swelling and uncomfortable heat.

    Inflammation is common in older people, who might experience arthritis or dermatitis as well as those diagnosed with ailments like allergies or asthma. Athletes also develop inflammation after grueling workouts or injuries, but the condition can affect anyone at any time.

    Relieving the symptoms of inflammation is not a quick fix with a miracle medication. A whole-body approach is the best course of action for many inflammation sufferers.

    Turn to an all-natural solution

    The combination of herbs and spices in NaturalBody Defense supports overall inflammation health. It’s a safe, but effective alternative to expensive pills, creams and joint beverages.

    NaturalBody Defense contains six active ingredients that naturally improve the function of your body’s inflammation health:

    • Boswellia Serrata Extract
    Boswellia Serrata
    • Bromelain extract
    Bromelain Extract
    • Curcumin (turmeric) extract
    Curcumin Extract
    • Ginger extract
    Ginger Extract
    • Antioxidants quercetin and rutin
    Quercetin and Rutin

    These herbs are highly concentrated to preserve their natural potency. NaturalBody Defense does not contain any synthetic additives or chemical solvents and is naturally gluten free.

    Living without pain

    As the saying goes, “The best offense is a great defense.”

    So, if you’re tired of living with chronic inflammation and scheduling activities around your “good days,” give NaturalBody Defense a try. It is a simple solution to a complex issue that can take a toll on your overall health. Stop inflammation in its tracks today.

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